Hi! I’m Amanda and this is my little family!


Little Ryli Ann, William, and I (plus, a baby Benjamin)


Yes, we are all VEGAN! Wait, hear me out! 
I enjoy cooking and one of the reasons veganism became so interesting to me was the assortment of foods that I had, and probably would never have tried otherwise. It was like a new experiment in the kitchen and I was so down to learn! To some people, this is exactly what keeps them away, but not me! I’ll take care of that for you, no worried! 🙂 So, obviously this blog is mainly focused on food! Yay! Vegan food, to be exact! I’ll be sharing other amazing dishes, as well as a weekly recipe(s) of my own!
Veganism is something I am very passionate about, so there will also be posts here and there about why my family and I are vegan. Most of these posts will be focused around the health aspects, although I will dive a little into the environmental and ethical parts as well from time to time.
Before anything else, I am a mother to a beautiful 1.5 year old daughter and my, due in December, little boy!. So, don’t think I won’t delve into some motherhood posts and rants, whether it has to do with our lifestyle or not.

I want for this to be an open and informative place. I am not going to bash anyone and although I do believe everyone could benefit from veganism, I also understand that that’s not exactly the world we live in today. I am open to always have a discussion and help out anyone wanting to transition or just learn more about our lifestyle. It truly makes me feel wonderful to spread the word,  so don’t hesitate to engage!
I just want to spread the message that so many of you (I DIDN’T!) honestly don’t know about or quite understand. I also want to show everyone that we don’t just eat tofu and salads all day, and when we do, how fun and tasty they can be!

Feel free to contact me anytime! I will get back to you as soon as I can!
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