….hey there! I could write up a page full of excuses on why I haven’t posted in a while, but I know you don’t care. What matters is I’M BACCCCK!

Yes, I had the baby! He’s nearly 4 months old now! I can hardly believe it. RA is 2. It’s so crazy how fast kids grow. Really. As a kid, time seems to move so slow, but when you are watching them grow, it seems like you miss so much in just a blink. Anyways… I’m sure I will be updating more here and there about just life , in general, but just for times sake, we’ll move on for now. Feel free to ask any questions though!

I have already updated on Facebook (if you don’t follow me there… you should.), but just for those who don’t… I am not going to post on a schedule anymore. Well, not for now at least. That’s to be a good thing though! I honestly think I will pump out way more content that way. I would stress myself so much on making sure I had my recipe perfect, pictures perfect, and a flawless post written. What I would end up with was a hot mess. I am the worst procrastinator on the planet. I truly believe it. I will always wait until the last minute to do anything that is on a time restraint. Then, I would stress if something went wrong with the recipe… because I didn’t have time to figure out if it was a mistake in the recipe, or I did something wrong…. or I would forget an ingredient and freak out, or something like that. Then, I don’t want to post anything next to perfect, so I end up with nothing in the end. You guys get the point. Deadlines are my worst enemy, so for now at least, I’ll post how life allows. Maybe we’ll work back into a schedule… maybe not. We’ll see how things work out and what works best for us all!

I feel like this way, I can pump out more, quality, post… and if it so happens that I don’t post for a while, you can trust it’s because something awesome is coming! I can also post more smaller recipes, like sauces and sides, and not feel like I didn’t give you something good. We all need to know how to make vegan cornbread and alfredo sauce too.

I promise not to disappoint. See ya soon! <3




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